Property Selection

Property Selection - House SelectionHouse Selection

Are you in the market for buying a house or new office premise and cannot decide which one to chose? How do you decide if you have several lovely homes or suitable office spaces to choose from but you are uncertain which one would be best suited for your needs? Which one has the best Feng Shui?

Suzhong Consulting will make your decision easier. We can conduct either a full Feng Shui assessment for each potential property, or we will conduct a short evaluation of the properties and compare their Feng Shui potential and provide you will our honest opinion on which property has the best Feng Shui to support your family or your business.

The shorter evaluation will only analyze the external landforms that impact on the property, Flying Stars and Eight Mansions, whereas the full Feng Shui assessment will also take all the members of the family, or, in case of an office space, the management team, into account.

Land Selection

Property Selection - Land SelectionSimilar to a House Selection, Suzhong Consulting can conduct a land assessment for you, if you are thinking of purchasing a plot of land and are unsure which plot to chose. Since all land plots are different from each other in terms of their inherent Feng Shui capabilities and their suitability for particular residential and/or types of commercial enterprises, it would be advisable to assess and evaluate the Feng Shui potential prior to any purchase and ensure that the plot you eventually purchase is in line with your personal or business goals, as well as those of your family.

In case you have already purchased the land, Suzhong Consulting can also help you to find out the weaker spots of the land and how to avoid being affected by their unfavorable effects by suggesting Feng Shui remedies.

Feel free to contact us for any further information or if you need special assistance with an upcoming relocation, property purchase , etc. We look forward to the opportunity to support you in the important work you do.