buildingsThere are many ways that Classical Feng Shui can enhance your business. Each business is unique, therefore each Feng Shui consultation is different and designed to help you specifically to expand your business, support your management team and employees and attract more clients. Suzhong Consulting will begin each consultation with an introduction and a Q&A session to determine your specific needs and requirements, as well as the goals for your business.

This tailored approach ensures that your business’ individual needs are taken into consideration and can include the following focus points:

  • We locate and enhance those areas that have the greatest potential, while neutralizing those areas that might foster harmful energies.
  • We pay attention to the main door, the entry ways and the common staff areas to find solutions that support the harmony and stability of your organization.
  • We help to enhance the capacity for concentration and physical health in office spaces, thereby benefitting the human factor.
  • We will make recommendations on how to change or alter the office layout in order to improve Qi flow and the harnessing of positive Qi.

Specifically, we can assist with the following:

Depending on the size of your business venue, consultations take place over the course of two to four visits. Sometimes a specific need can be taken care of in one single visit. For more information about what happens during a Feng Shui Audit, please go here.

To know more about Classical Feng Shui and its applications, please have a look at our website and browse through our service catalogue to see how Suzhong Consulting can help you. Feel free to contact us for any further information or if you need special assistance with an upcoming commercial project, property purchase, etc. We look forward to the opportunity to support you in the important work you do.