Types of Feng Shui

Feng Shui - HeTuOver the years, Feng Shui has developed in various different directions, which has resulted in a variety of ‘schools’. And even when the underlying principles remain similar, each situation requires selective individual analysis, with the result that different consultants may offer different suggestions. It doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone is wrong. There is usually more than one way to achieve a desired result. A good practitioner is familiar with more than just one school of thought and can distinguish between long-term and short-term remedies.

Traditionally, Classical Feng Shui has always been split into two ideologies: San He and San Yuan. These schools originated over 1500 years ago and since then, their fundamental theories have remained relatively unchanged, though their applications and interpretations have been adapted to the modern world.

Feng Shui - LuoShuThe San He School deals with landforms and how they influence the lives of those living in the vicinity. It is a system where formulae are mainly based on the environment. The San Yuan School on the other hand, focuses more on the aspects of time and how it affects your Feng Shui. Most of the formulae in this system look at how the quality of Qi in a property changes in cycles. Eight Mansions Feng Shui and Xuan Kong Flying Stars are classical applications of the San Yuan School. Today, Classical Feng Shui is practiced as “one” school and a true Classical Feng Shui Master will apply both ideologies in his/her Feng Shui audit of a property.

Regardless of which school a practitioner prefers, the observation and evaluation of landforms – such as mountains and waterways – always comes first in any Feng Shui assessment. The formulas complementing the landform analysis then vary based on the school a practitioner prefers. They might be taking a more long term perspective, or focus on short term results, depending on the requirements and needs of each client.

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