Classical Feng Shui


Classical Feng Shui is an ancient art and science that has been practiced in Asia, especially in the Chinese-speaking parts of Asia, over centuries to improve and maximize people’s health, wealth and career potential.

Unfortunately not very well understood and often watered down when practiced in Europe, Classical Feng Shui – when practiced and applied correctly according to its traditional concepts and roots – is an excellent tool to facilitate success in daily life, create a healthy environment in which all occupants of a house or a company can thrive, and bring forth beneficial career opportunities.

Suzhong Consulting is committed to use the ancient art of Classical Feng Shui to aid you, your company and your family achieve your life goals and bring and success to your business venture . We rely on the traditional methods of analyzing landforms and base our formula calculations for internal Feng Shui on the classical and original concepts of Feng Shui. All our consultants have been trained and certified by the well-known Joey Yap Mastery Academy of Classical Chinese Metaphysics in Kuala Lumpur/ Malaysia.

Luo-Pan-&-MasterSuzhong Consulting works with the client to understand the client’s specific issues and needs, and then advises on the appropriate Feng Shui-based remedies. Suzhong Consulting provides Residential Feng Shui Assessments  (houses, apartments), Commercial Feng Shui Assessments (restaurants, retail outlets, shops, etc.), Corporate Feng Shui Assessments (offices, factories, etc), as well as Property Feng Shui Assessments  prior to a purchase or a moving in date and Annual Assessments of your property.

To know more about Classical Feng Shui and its applications, please have a look at our website and browse through our service catalogue to see how Suzhong Consulting can help you. Feel free to contact us for any further information or if you need special assistance with an upcoming relocation, property purchase , etc.

We look forward to working with you.